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Vision Star Entertainment, Inc.

Exhibitor Information




Orlando Europa Games
Supplement, Nutrition & Apparel Expo
Orange County Convention Center
Saturday TBA, 2020  |   10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday TBA, 2020  |  10:00 am – 5:00 pm


Please visit our website for Expo Times, Hotel & Convention Center Information.


Our show manager is in charge of answering all logistical questions that may pertain to setting up your booth. Please reach out to Steve Straka if you have any questions.

Steve Straka
Show Manager
Vision Star Entertainment, Inc.

Email: Steve@EuropaExpo.com



9840 International Drive
Orlando, Florida 32819
(407) 996-9840

SPECIAL GROUP RATE for the weekend! Closest Hotel to the Convention Center. IFBB Pro & NPC Check-in’s held here.



Orange County Convention Center
9800 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
Exhibit Halls: TBA

Set up times:
2:00 PM- 8:00 PM

7:00 AM – 9:30 AM
** Your booth must be set up by the time the time the doors open at 10:00 am.

Move out times:
(Immediately following the closing of the expo)

8:00 AM- 12:00 PM


Please click on this link to view and print your exhibitor kit. Your electric order form is also inside your exhibitor kit.

2020 Exhibitor Kit Coming Soon!

All of our expos also offer Wi-Fi and electric, which can be purchased through the convention center. The form to order electric is in your exhibitor kit. WiFi is purchased onsite at the convention center services desk during set-up. For more information on electricity & purchasing WiFi please visit the convention center’s website- https://occc.ungerboeck.com/coe/coe_p1_all.aspx?oc=10&cc=COEexorder


In order to be able to sample food/beverage related products onsite you will need to complete the sampling form below and turn it into a rep at the Orange County Convention Center Centerplate for approval.  The convention center has full control over what is approved for sampling and what is not.

Sampling & Liability Form


We require all booths who will be engaging in attendee participation onsite to have insurance on file with us.  You will need to have us listed as additionally insured for the duration of the event and please list us as you see below.  Also, there is a sample certificate you can download so you can pass it onto your insurance provider.  You will be required to have insurance on file if you plan on sampling food/beverages onsite, have a contest in your that engages attendees, or are preforming any procedures in your booth (IE teeth whitening, massage therapies, or body composition testing)

Vision Star Entertainment Inc.
PO Box 210145
Bedford, TX 76095

If you have any questions regarding insurance or whether your company needs to have insurance on file, please reach out to our show manager, Steve Straka.

Europa Games Sample COI Participants


If you plan on having music at your booth, please read and sign this music waiver and submit back to our show manager, Steve Straka. Email: Steve@europaexpo.com

Europa Games- Music Policy Form


Your staff list of who is working your booth will need to be ready 4 weeks before the event.  When you receive your booth # from our show manager, Steve Straka, he will also send you a username and password to input your staff list into the system. You will be able edit the staff list at any time.

Staff Log in Link

Your booth # is given to you by our show manager 30 days prior to the event.  You are placed in a booth based on the date your contract and payment were submitted. Signing up early helps get you the best booth position on the exhibitor floor.

There is a lot that goes in to designing the floor plan. We have live sporting events to place surrounding the exhibitor area, tons of customized large booth spaces AND we have to get all of this approved by the city fire marshal before sending it to you. Sometimes we have booths cancel or events that may change, and all of this could affect rows, aisles and booth positions, which could change your booth #.

While you are waiting on your booth #, everything else you need is right here in this exhibitor information. We wait until 30 days out to ensure we are sending you a finalized version of the floor plan and your booth #. Normally our show manager has this to you earlier than 30 days out, but we say 30 days just in case anything comes up that we have to adjust or fix.

Vendor Badges are for the people working your booth. They must have a vendor badge on to be inside the expo at any time. They may pick up their vendor badges during set up at the VENDOR CHECK-IN BOOTH. This is located at the back dock during set up hours. If your booth workers are picking up their badges while the expo is going on, the Vendor Check-in Booth is located in the lobby by the ticketing area. If you need additional badges they are $50 each. These can be purchased on-site at the Vendor Check-in booth.

Amount of Badges per booth:
10×10 Inline – 4 badges
10×10 Corner – 4 badges
10×20 Gold – 8 Badges
20×20 Island Booth – 12 Badges
VIP Sponsor – 12 Badges
TITLE Sponsor – 15 Badges


We want each and every one of you to have a successful weekend at the expo. It’s important to remember it’s all about engaging with the consumer.

How do you plan on drawing consumers to your booth? Creativity is key. Sampling and passing out giveaways are a great way to create a buzz at your booth, but a lot of companies incorporate more interaction. Some examples are: Spin the wheel for a prize, push up contests for t-shirts, competitions against other attendees for a grand prize.

Utilize this customer interaction to gather attendees’ contact information for FUTURE SALES. A lot of companies do this by bringing in their own iPads to capture the info of each attendee. This is a great way to continue to sell your products to the consumer after the initial interaction.


Once you are given your booth # by our show manager, create your own graphic advertising you will be at the expo! Make sure to tag us in your posts so we can share it! 

IG: @EuropaGamesExpo
FB: Europa Games


  1. Any image of your company you would like (as long as it is acceptable to the general public). It can contain an athlete, model or just an image of some of your products. You can also just put your logo on a graphic.
  2. Make sure to include one of the EG LOGO below – choose either the colored or the white
  3. BOOTH #





At all of our expos you are able to bring in your own product and set up your booth on your own. We do however have a general contractor on-site, GEMS, to help with any additional assistance or items you may need. These items do come with an additional cost.

We just wanted to re-emphasize that the Europa Games Expos are a family friendly fitness event.  Any promotional materials including, banners, signage, shirts (for giveaway or purchase) and all marketing materials need to be free of obscenities, nudity, and/or profane language on our show floor (including music).  If we see any banners or graphics that are unacceptable we will come up and discuss options with you personally on the show floor.  Lastly if we see anyone wearing unacceptable clothing, we will ask them to cover it up and/or put other clothing on while at the event.  Individuals who fail to comply will be removed from the show floor as necessary.

We strive to make this a well rounded family friendly fitness event and appreciate all of your cooperation in this manner.
If you have any questions about what might be prohibited for display on our show floor just shoot our show manager an email for clarification.

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