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Dallas Has Been Rescheduled!

We are saddened at the fact that Covid-19 has affected so many of us, including the Dallas UBU Expo & Europa Games. Unfortunately, the Dallas event will not be allowed to move forward per city & state regulations for Covid-19. We must abide by the ‘large gathering’ restriction guidelines put in place for each state & local government. It takes a lot of time planning these events, and the last thing we want to do is reschedule it. We understand that the health of our competitors, attendees & exhibitors MUST be a priority. With over 10,000 competitors preparing for the Europa Games, we know each athlete has put in a lot of time and commitment getting ready for this event, and none of that goes unnoticed. We are hoping for a clearer picture in the upcoming weeks of how events will look moving forward.

Rescheduled Date: Dallas UBU Expo & Europa Games – June 2021
With so much unknown about guidelines & time frames surrounding big events with large crowds, we thought it was in the best interest for vendors, attendees and competitors that our new date be as far away as possible from any pandemic time frame. We did not want to reschedule any earlier than that, just to have to move the event date again. Dates in June will be determined at a later date. Please keep checking our website for updates.

Click on the event below for event information.

NPC Southwest USA Fitness Expo
August 1,2020 – Arlington, TX

UBU Expo & EUROPA Games
August 8-9, 2020 – Phoenix, AZ

Rocks Discount Vitamin Fit Expo & NPC Show of Champions
August 29, 2020 – Austin, TX

NPC Phil Heath Classic
Sep 5, 2020 – Houston, TX

NPC Texas State Championships & Fitness Expo
Oct 3, 2020 – Arlington, TX

3rd Annual SuperCar Expo!
Oct 24, 2020 – Arlington, TX

NPC Texas Cup Championship
Dec 19, 2020 – Waco, TX

It is a sad situation for all of us, and we hope we can all get back to doing what we love. Stay Safe. Ed and Betty Pariso CEO & Owner Vision Star Entertainment, Inc. Info@VisionStarEntertainment.com