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Kettlebell Championships


Contact Event Director
Douglas Seamans
Email: doug@aowapparel.com

Owner – Pride Conditioning
Owner – Cavebars
Owner – AOW Apparel
2015 European Kettlebell Championships 1st Place Amateur Long Cycle 95kg
2016 World Championships 3rd Place Amateur Long Cycle 95kg




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Friday April 21, 2017:
6:00 pm – AAKA/AKA Judges Seminar (at Pride Conditioning. Valid in North and South America)


Saturday April 22, 2017:
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
-Face Off Head to Head Battle
-Classic Sport 10:00 sets (Ladies single and double biathlon, Ladies single and double long cycle, Ladies snatch only, Mens biathlon, Mens long cycle)


Sunday April 23, 2017:
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
-Strongsport 5:00 sets (single arm – one hand switch)
-Coaches Certification Level 1 (NASM, ACE, AFFA 1.6 ECU) (IUKL approved in 36+ countries)

***Exact schedule may change based on registration numbers***


Pentathlon Rules:
6:00 sets with 5:00 rest
Single Kettlebell
Multiple hand switches
-Clean (120 reps max)
-Long Cycle (60 reps max)
-Jerk (120 reps max)
-Half snatch (108 reps max)
-Push Press (120 reps max)
-Points: 8kg=1, 12kg=1.5, 16kg=2, 20kg=2.5, 24kg=3, 28kg=3.5, 32kg=4

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